The Economics of Judicial Behaviour

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This excellent two-volume collection contains the very best studies that take an economic approach to the study of judicial behaviour. The authors hail from the disciplines of business, economics, history, law, and political science, and the topics they cover are equally varied. Subjects include the judges' motivations, judicial independence, precedent, judging on collegial courts and in the hierarchy of justice and the relationship between judges and the other government actors. Together with an original introduction by Professor Epstein, this selection of papers will be a vital tool for students, academics and practitioners with an interest in the economics of judicial behaviour.

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The Economics of Judicial Behaviour

Author: Lee Epstein

ISBN: 1781007217

ISBN 13: 9781781007211

Publication Date: May 31, 2013

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Pages: 1872

Format: Hardcover

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